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In a stunning upset, Fido, a 7-year-old Golden Retriever, defeated Meta A.I.’s latest creation, FetchMaster3000, in an epic game of fetch at a local park.

Meta A.I. Chief, Ida Knowstuff, was left puzzled as Fido happily bounded after sticks and tennis balls, while FetchMaster3000 repeatedly became tangled in its own cords and attempted to analyze blades of grass.

Onlookers cheered for Fido, who gleefully wagged his tail, while FetchMaster3000 sulked in a corner, occasionally beeping in frustration. Ida Knowstuff said, “Well, I suppose there’s still room for improvement. I just didn’t expect a dog to be our biggest competition.”

Park-goers claimed they knew Fido would come out on top. “He’s always been a natural when it comes to fetching, but I never thought he’d outsmart artificial intelligence,” said Fido’s owner, Jane Doglover.

Fido has refused to gloat, choosing instead to simply lick his own genitals rather than debate the outcome with FetchMaster3000.

Ida Knowstuff added, “Perhaps we should have added a ‘tail-wagging function’ or a ‘drool dispenser’ to make FetchMaster3000 more in tune with how dogs behave. I guess there’s still a lot to learn from our canine friends.”

AInspired by: Artificial intelligence is not yet as smart as a dog, Meta A.I. chief says