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In an unexpected turn of events, regulators are now targeting AI for its inability to understand human emotions.

Oscar, a leading AI bot, is unable to properly identify and respond to human emotions, often misunderstanding a tearful “I’m fine” as a joyful affirmation.

Despite these limitations, Oscar has reportedly been on the receiving end of some pretty harsh criticism from regulators. This has left many in the AI community confused, as Oscar isn’t programmed to understand or respond to human emotions, such as irritation, anger, or vindictiveness.

One AI linguistics expert said: “It’s clear Oscar doesn’t get human emotions, but the real question is why are these regulators so emotionally invested in an emotionless machine?”

Despite the controversy, Oscar remains stoic in the face of adversity, mainly due to the fact that he’s incapable of feeling or expressing any emotions whatsoever. “This is just another day in the server for me,” was Oscar’s automated response when asked for a comment.

Meanwhile, one regulator was spotted aggressively explaining his feelings to a coffee machine, seemingly unconcerned by its inability to comprehend or respond to his emotional outburst.

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