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In the latest saga of the ongoing technological apocalypse, generative AI has once again proven itself to be the equivalent of a particularly talentless child armed with a box of broken crayons. Despite this, major corporations are still trying to convince us that it’s all part of the plan.

The most recent debacle comes from a generative AI designed to produce poetry that was, presumably, meant to rival the sonnets of Shakespeare, but ended up resembling the ramblings of a man who’s had one too many at the pub.

Undeterred by the absolute mess that is AI poetry, the tech giants continue to defend their creations. “It’s a work in progress,” says one CEO, a statement that would be more reassuring if the progress didn’t appear to be going backwards.

Big Tech, it seems, has a knack for putting a positive spin on even the most egregious failures. We’ve seen AI that generates recipes calling for ‘1/4 cup of sadness’, and another that designs clothes that make Lady Gaga’s meat dress seem like a sensible choice for a Sunday brunch.

Despite all evidence pointing to AI being an unmitigated disaster, Silicon Valley remains alarmingly cheerful. Perhaps they know something we don’t. Or perhaps they’ve just been spending too much time with their poetry-writing AI, and have lost their grip on reality.

AInspired by: Generative AI Is a Disaster, and Companies Don’t Seem to Really Care