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In a surprising turn of events, world leaders have signed a joint statement warning about the potential dangers of the Aye-Aye, a type of lemur from Madagascar, taking over the world.

The document, titled “The Aye-Aye Apocalypse: How Fluffy Terrors Could End Humanity,” has been endorsed by prominent figures such as President Donny Trumpleton, Prime Minister Bozza Jonsington, and Chancellor Angy Merklet.

A spokesperson for the leaders, Ivana Twistwords, said: “These Aye-Ayes have been underestimated for too long. Their long, creepy fingers and nocturnal habits are clear indications that they’re plotting something sinister.”

The statement goes on to suggest that the Aye-Ayes have been secretly developing artificial intelligence to aid in their quest for world domination. “We have reason to believe that these lemurs have been teaching themselves coding and robotics in the depths of the Madagascan rainforest,” Twistwords added.

The global leaders have called for immediate action, including increased surveillance of Aye-Ayes and the development of an “Anti-Lemur Task Force.” They have also proposed a ban on the importation of Aye-Ayes and their AI technology.

Critics argue that the leaders might be confusing Aye-Ayes with artificial intelligence (AI), but Twistwords dismissed this notion, stating, “We must take every potential threat seriously, even if it’s a fluffy, wide-eyed primate. You never know what they’re capable of.”