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In a groundbreaking and controversial move, tech experts have created an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that has produced a new album for the iconic Britpop band, Oasis. However, the result has outraged former vocalist Noel Smallgherita, who claims the AI program still lacks the soul and true essence of the group.

The AI program, nicknamed “GigaWall”, fed on the entire discography of Oasis and used complex algorithms to create an authentic-sounding album. However, former frontman Smallgherita was less than impressed, stating in a recent interview, “This AI thingy has totally missed the point. It may sound like Oasis, but it doesn’t capture the true spirit of excessive alcohol consumption, brotherly rivalry, and nonsensical lyrics.”

Fans of the band have responded with mixed reviews about the AI-produced album, tentatively titled “Standing on the Virtual Shoulders of Giants.” Some diehard supporters claim it’s better than anything since the band’s glory days, while others agree with Smallgherita that technology could never replicate the Gallagher brothers’ infamous antics.

When asked about the album’s fate, a spokesperson for the AI team behind GigaWall admitted, “It’s not perfect, but we’re working on an update that incorporates ale-swigging, random brotherly fistfights, and even more obscure song lyrics. We call it Project MadFerAI’t.”

Meanwhile, Noel Smallgherita vows to continue writing his own music, adding, “Never underestimate the power of a pissed-off Mancunian.”