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Artificial intelligence expert Carol Hugit has raised concerns about society’s increasing reliance on technology, particularly the downfall of human intelligence in the face of advancements such as spell check and autocorrect. Hugit took to her weekly column, where she refers to herself as “The Barely Functional Brainiac,” to air her grievances with the rise of AI dependency, or as she calls it, “Artificial Inelegance.”

In her enthusiastic but barely coherent column, Hugit, wrote, “Eye knead too worn u guise that are dependence on AI iz spillin the end four humankind. Surly, ewe sea what is appnin? Wen u religh on techknowledgy, evry won starts looze their ability to think and rite.”

Hugit further elaborated on her concerns, citing the decline of traditional fishing skills as an unforeseen consequence of relying on technology: “Fishermen are loozing their abilitee two cach fish by hand, now relyin on satelite GPS systemes to do they’re werk. Wear is da reel skill?”

Readers of The Daily Farce have been left pondering whether Hugit is indeed a serious commentator on the issue of artificial intelligence or simply a satirical genius poking fun at the very decline she appears to embody. One reader commented, “Carol’s column on ‘Artificial Inelegance’ is a stroke of mad brilliance or a cry for help. Either way, I can’t stop reading!”