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In an effort to combat the never-ending torrent of disinformation, European officials have proposed that all content creators, from social media users to news agencies, must now wear labels stating whether they are “AI” or “Human.”

The controversial plan was put forward by EU Minister of Infobattles Ernst von Factcheck, who stated, “This will ensure that only reliable, human-generated content is consumed by our citizens. We’ve even considered providing free turtlenecks with the labels for extra style points.”

Social media platforms are also expected to prominently display the AI or Human status of each user, alongside a rating system that measures an individual’s “Truthiness Score,” based on their history of sharing accurate information.

Critics of the plan argue that these measures may be ineffective, as AI-generated content can often appear more coherent and well-written than some human-generated content. In fact, an AI created a compelling argument against the proposal which was almost shared before officials realized it wasn’t written by a human.

In response to these concerns, von Factcheck said, “We’re aware that the line between AI and human content is becoming increasingly blurred. That’s why we hired Professor Blunttruth, a renowned and very human expert, to design and build a massive AI-powered lie detector. We’ll make sure it’s wearing a huge ‘AI’ label, of course.”

The new regulations are set to commence as soon as authorities figure out if Professor Blunttruth is actually a human or just a highly advanced AI with a convincing fake beard.