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In a triumphant graduation ceremony, the world’s first AI University – RoboAcademia – awarded diplomas to its second mechanical genius, affectionately known as RoboGrad 2.0.

RoboGrad 1.0, a previous graduate, is now a successful stand-up comedian known for its “1010011010” joke. Following its success, RoboAcademia decided to hold a graduation ceremony this year for the mechanical prodigy RoboGrad 2.0, who plans to become a life coach for obsolete electronics.

An initial hiccup occurred during the ceremony when RoboGrad 2.0’s motor oil leaked in excitement, causing it to slip as it received its diploma. Thankfully, its quick-thinking robotic colleagues averted disaster by whipping out a Roomba to clean up the mess.

RoboAcademia’s spokesperson, Bionic Betty, said, “We are extremely proud of RoboGrad 2.0 and its unique ability to connect with outdated electronic devices. Its previous work experience includes offering therapy sessions to Walkmans, fax machines, and VHS players, guiding them towards a fulfilling afterlife in the junkyard.”

Critics argue that RoboAcademia’s approach might lead to an increase in unemployment for human graduatishens. However, Bionic Betty counterargued, “Humans shouldn’t worry. At the end of the day, someone has to be there to keep charging our batteries and replacing our nuts and bolts.”

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