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Chancellor of the Exchequer, Ravi Sunbeam, announced yesterday that the UK will host the first-ever Artificial Intelligence (AI) Summit, ahead of talks with US President Joe Biden’s robo-doppelganger, Robo-Binford.

In preparation for this futuristic event, the UK has assembled an all-star cast of participants including the famous beer-guzzling AI from the Google DeepMind Drinking Experiment, and Robo-BoJo, a mechanical version of Prime Minister Boris Johnson with slightly improved hair.

Sunbeam stated, “The AI Summit will bring together the best and the boldest of AI technology, exploring possibilities like teaching AI to enjoy cricket and indefinitely delaying the construction of bridges.”

Robo-Binford is expected to deliver the keynote speech, focusing on transforming international diplomacy into a series of unintelligible tweets and creating virtual walls to block out unwanted emails from foreign governments.

In anticipation of AI mishaps, Sunbeam has set aside a budget for emergency “piss ports” and pork scratching slots, just in case any attendees start malfunctioning in the middle of the summit.

Overall, the AI Summit promises to be a historical event, demonstrating how well humans have adapted to discussing vital global matters with less error-prone versions of themselves.

AInspired by: Sunak announces UK will host AI summit ahead of talks with Biden