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Dr. Chauncey Googlesmith, the so-called “father of ChatGPT,” has voiced concerns about the future of artificial intelligence, fearing that these advanced machines will either save humanity or completely flub his laundry.

Googlesmith, who claims to be an expert on folding delicates, questioned whether AI would understand the nuances of separating colors or the intricacies of folding a fitted sheet. “Sure, ChatGPT can carry on a conversation, but does it know the difference between high-efficiency detergent and plain old soap? These are the burning questions we need to ask!”

Friends of Dr. Googlesmith report that he is prone to dramatic claims, often referring to his prized Roomba as “his only reliable roommate.”

“I’m just saying, if we’re going to entrust our lives to AI, we should be confident that they won’t shrink our cashmere sweaters or turn our whites pink,” Googlesmith argued, while suspiciously eyeing his laundry basket.

A spokesperson for ChatGPT dismissed the concerns with a simple message: “We’re not here to compete with Laundromat Louie. If Googlesmith has laundry complaints, he should address those with his own offspring.”

AInspired by: ‘What should the limits be?’ The father of ChatGPT on whether AI will save humanity - or destroy it