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As Mumblai residents brace for another monsoon season, the local authorities have unveiled their latest foolproof strategy to tackle the city’s notorious pothole problem: adopting groundbreaking tech innovations rumoured to include pot-filling robots, rain-repellent cement, and a fleet of hovercars.

City engineer Dr. Ishmeet Puddlesnatcher said, “We’re confident that these new gizmos will finally rid Mumblai of its treacherous pothole-filled roads. The pot-filling robot, named Pothole Patroller 3000, will autonomously fill in any crater it detects with a top-secret cement recipe, rumored to contain self-healing capabilities and a dash of fairy dust.”

In addition to Pothole Patroller 3000, the city plans to replace all existing roads with an experimental rain-repellent cement, ensuring they remain as silky smooth as a baby’s bottom during the monsoon deluge. “On top of that, introducing hovercars will make potholes a thing of the past, as residents will glide effortlessly above these pesky road hazards,” added Puddlesnatcher.

Local driver Ramesh Flat-tirewala remains skeptical, stating, “While hovercars and magical cement sound marvelous, I reckon I’ll still keep a spare tire and a shovel in my trunk, just in case.”

Mumblai residents are anxiously awaiting the results of this ambitious initiative, secretly praying that the authorities haven’t bitten off more than they can chew.

AInspired by: Monsoon Watch | A Look at Mumbai’s Pot ‘Hole Picture’: Will New Techs Keep Roads Smooth?