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In a bizarre twist of fate, stumbling megacorporations have watched in awe as investors have funneled a whopping $1.5 billion into Misfit Invesco’s Elephantine Experience Transfer Fund (EETF). Experts believe this dramatic increase in investment is due to a combination of investor confusion and a deep-rooted desire to ride jumbo jets.

Industry analyst, Terry Ineptson, commented: “When people see the words ‘Invesco’ and ‘ETF,’ they immediately picture throwing cash at a huge airborne circus that just can’t seem to stay on its feet. It’s an exhilarating thought.”

In response to the influx of funds, Invesco’s CEO, Mandy Mammothski, released a statement saying, “We’re delighted by the immense interest in our EETF, despite not really knowing what it is. While we can’t promise a magical flying elephant experience, we can assure our new investors we’ll use their funds to invest in even more cryptic financial products.”

Regular investor, Phil DeCashbin, added: “I didn’t really understand what I was investing in, but I saw the words ‘megacaps’ and ‘Invesco,’ and I thought: why not? Maybe I’ll receive an actual jumbo jet in return.”

Despite the absurdity surrounding the investment madness, Invesco’s stocks continue to soar as high as their imaginary jumbo jet – the real winner in this wild financial ride.

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