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In a world where everyone is clamoring for the popular tech darling Nervousa (formerly known as Nvidia), one daring fund manager is recommending investors put their money into two lesser-known chip giants: MegaChipCo and SiliconMunchers Inc., granting the latter a 30% boost in market share by simply eating their rivals.

Dylan “Chip Whisperer” McDuffie, the fund manager who famously predicted the bursting of the infamous BubbleWrapBubble, has once again gone against the grain in recommending these lesser-known chip-producing behemoths, stating, “It’s time to diversify our chip portfolios and give the underdogs a chance. By my calculations, MegaChipCo is bound to increase in value by a whopping 3.14159% while SiliconMunchers will experience bountiful crumbs of growth!”

In his latest investor report titled “Pass the Chips,” McDuffie eloquently explains that MegaChipCo’s innovative “Salt & Vinegar Integration” technology and SiliconMunchers’ “30% Extra Crunch Capacity” are game-changers in the industry and should be taken seriously.

Critics argue that McDuffie’s math may be as skewed as his taste in snacks, but the Chip Whisperer stands firm on his position, stating, “When the chips are down, I’ve got a hunch these two giants will be the ones left standing. And after that, there’ll be no more Nervousa.”

AInspired by: Forget Nvidia: Fund manager says buy these two chip giants instead, giving one 30% upside