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Meet 17-year-old genius, Wendy Wizkid, who started coding when she was just seven and presented her groundbreaking app to Apple’s head honcho, Jim Cooker, last year. Now, NASA has come calling and she’s been recruited to work on the organization’s most critical projects - their malfunctioning vending machines.

Wendy’s app, iSnackR, tracks the speed at which users consume their snacks and almost miraculously predicts the exact moment your cravings strike. It was this app that caught the eye of top NASA officials who saw the potential of Wendy’s software to predict when astronauts craved Pop-Tarts and Tang in microgravity.

However, upon arrival at the NASA facility, Wendy discovered the true nature of her assignment. The bureaucracy-mired organization has enlisted the teen prodigy to troubleshoot their cantankerous vending machines, which have reportedly been eating astronaut’s dollar bills faster than a black hole consumes light.

NASA spokesman Chip Hailstone explained, “Wendy’s expertise in snack-based technology is unparalleled, and we need the brightest minds to tackle the perpetual issue of jammed Mars Bars.”

Wendy remains undaunted, stating, “If I can make Jim Cooker whirl like a spinning top after testing my app, I’m sure I can fix these vending machines. Besides, it’s one small step for a teen, one giant improvement for NASA’s break rooms.”

AInspired by: Meet the 17-year-old wonder kid who started coding at 7 and presented her app to Tim Cook last year. Now she’s headed to NASA.