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Insisting on revolutionizing the customer experience, Amazon has unleashed its latest A.I. creation, “Nonsenso-bot,” to summarize product reviews for its millions of users. However, instead of providing useful summaries, the A.I. seems more interested in creating questionable interpretations leaving customers thoroughly entertained and confused.

An Amazon spokesperson, Clarissa Clueless, said, “We’re proud of Nonsenso-bot’s ability to misunderstand grammar, context, and user preferences, and translate them into beautifully nonsensical summaries. Customer engagement is at an all-time high!”

A recent review of a popular kitchen blender was summarized by Nonsenso-bot as, “This blender took my cat to another dimension. Now, smoothies taste like hiccuping chess pieces and hot dogs. Highly recommended for time-traveling enthusiasts. Blender-chop 3000, you the real MVP.”

In response to the question of whether Amazon plans on reprogramming the A.I. to provide accurate summaries, Clueless stated, “Honestly, customers haven’t laughed this hard since they tried reading assembly instructions for IKEA furniture. We may keep Nonsenso-bot around just for the comedic relief.”

Customers are eagerly anticipating future enhancements to the A.I., including a rumored feature that translates product descriptions into comical haikus, limericks, and nonsensical rhymes.

AInspired by: Amazon is using generative A.I. to summarize product reviews