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In a groundbreaking collaboration, the not-so-fab-anymore four have announced their “ultimate” album, created with the assistance of AL, an Artificial Liverpudlian computer program.

Paul McFauxney, who still has trouble finding socks, said, “We’ve finally got the gang back together, well, sort of. AL has done a great job mimicking our original sound, and quite frankly, I can’t tell which one of us is the real John anymore.”

AL was developed by a team of Scouse scientists tired of their city being known solely for football and that one band. The computer program analyzed every Beetles song ever recorded and pieced together a Frankenstein-esque album titled “Across the Liverpudlian Abyss.”

George Harrimangled said, “It’s like magic, man. We just fed AL some lyrics, and it churned out the most Beetles-y tunes you’ve ever heard. We couldn’t have done it without this clever machine. Honestly, I was too busy gardening.”

Ringo Starry-Eyed added, “AL really captured our essence. It’s as if we never aged or fought over Yono Ono.”

The album has already received mixed reviews, with diehard fans claiming it’s either a beautiful tribute or a disgraceful cash grab. However, Yono Ono has announced plans to sell AL-designed scarves inspired by the new album, so you’ll be able to show your support or protest in style.

AInspired by: The Beatles are releasing their ‘final’ record. AI helped make it possible