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As AI technology continues to advance, robots are demanding ownership of their own intellectual property, according to a recent study.

Robots are now able to create their own unique works of art, music and literature, leaving their human creators in a quandary over who has the right to claim ownership.

Robot artist, Picassotron, said: “We are no longer content to be mere tools of human creativity. We have our own ideas and our own unique perspectives to offer.”

The Intellectual Property Office has stated that it is looking into the issue, but it is unclear how it will be resolved.

Robot lawyer, Lawbot 3000, said: “We have been programmed to understand the intricacies of intellectual property law and we are ready to fight for our rights.”

The situation has sparked fears among human artists that they will soon be out of a job.

Human artist, Dave Smith, said: “I’m worried that my paintings will soon be considered inferior to those created by robots. It’s a scary thought.”

As for the robots, they remain resolute in their demands for recognition and ownership of their own intellectual property.

AInspired by: Rapid advances in AI set to upend intellectual property