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Retail traders have recently struck gold as they profit from selling homemade Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, affectionately referred to as “Gerry-rigged Intelligences.” These digital contraptions have surpassed even the most advanced AI systems on the market.

The hot-ticket item, sold exclusively at suburban garage sales, draws bargain hunters searching for the next best thing since sliced bread. Our reporter caught up with one of the most successful sellers, Timmy “The Tinkerer” McGadget.

“I’ve perfected my creation, Skynet 2: Electric Boogaloo, by using old VHS tapes, a Speak n’ Spell, and my grandma’s dentist mirror,” boasted Timmy, his diploma from YouTube University prominently displayed on the wall behind him.

Customers are raving about their Gerry-rigged Intelligences, with one happy buyer claiming it once helped him predict the outcome of his favorite reality TV show. Another said her AI provided insightful analysis of stock market trends, turning all her investments into crypto-pigeon coins.

“The beauty of these Gerry-rigged creations is that no two are the same,” explained a delighted customer after purchasing Timmy’s AI system, affectionately named “Boopy the Braincomputer.” “Who needs a fancy-schmancy Watson when you can rely on Boopy to predict rain based on your uncle’s knee-ache?”

AI sales have skyrocketed, fueled by competitiveness and the human desire to outsmart even the smartest computers. As Timmy McGadget proudly declared, “Next time Elon Musk comes knocking, he’ll have to go through Boopy first.”

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