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In a groundbreaking medical discovery, pharmaceutical company FizzlePfarms has released their new miracle drug, Ozamgic. Marketed as a solution to curb excessive drinking and smoking, it’s taking the world by storm, but also leading to some bizarre side behaviors.

Dr. Felony Misinterpreter, lead scientist on the Ozamgic development team, said, “We’ve achieved marvelous results in reducing alcohol and nicotine consumption, but our patients have developed a peculiar fondness for knitting with spaghetti, and some insist on communicating solely through Morse code.”

Social media buzzed with testimonials from users who reported cutting down their drinking and smoking habits, while simultaneously learning how to juggle vintage VHS tapes and collecting toenail clippings.

“It’s been a real blessing, and a curse,” said former smoker Dave McInhail deeply. “I’ve cut down from a pack a day to two cigarettes, but now I can’t help but bark like a dog every time I hear a doorbell.”

Experts are perplexed by the development but remain excited by the potential benefits and humor that Ozamgic has brought to the table.

FizzlePfarms is currently researching potential solutions for these unique side effects, including a follow-up drug called Vegoodle, which promises to curb spaghetti knitting and reestablish healthy crafting choices.

AInspired by: Ozempic Might Help You Drink and Smoke Less