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Stock futures inched lower as investors, enjoying a holiday-shortened week of trading, decided to prioritize their vacation and relaxation plans over the world of finance. The stock market seemed confused as to whether it should go up or down, ultimately struggling to make any significant movements at all.

Rather than monitoring the ups and downs of the market, investors have chosen to engage in various leisurely activities, including binge-watching the latest streaming shows, attempting to bake sourdough bread, and arguing with family members about various political topics.

An investor, Hughbert Moneypockets, explained, “Well, it’s just a short week, and I’ve been neglecting my Netflix queue for too long. I don’t think the market will mind if I take a little break and catch up on my favorite shows.”

Experts predict that the stock market may experience FOMO (fear of missing out) and finally make some moves once it notices that investors are too busy sipping on cocktails at pool parties to worry about investing. However, some analysts warn that the market might decide to join the holiday festivities instead of working.

Clarence Dowjones, a seasoned stock trader, commented, “As far as I’m concerned, the stock market can enjoy the holiday too. Who says it has to keep working when we’re all chillaxing? Let it have a break, and we’ll catch up after the holiday week.”

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