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In a recent interview, Kevin Fart shared his thoughts on the future of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). The comedian believes that society must embrace new fart-technology if we want to move forward.

“Look, I know some people are afraid of robots taking over the world or whatever, but have you ever thought about the potential for fart-powered machines? It’s a game-changer,” said Fart.

He went on to explain how A.I. could be used to power fart machines that could revolutionize the energy industry. “Think about it, we could power entire cities with the methane from our farts. It’s a renewable resource that we’ve been wasting for too long.”

Fart also suggested that A.I. could help improve the quality of our farts. “With the right technology, we could customize our farts to be less smelly or even make them smell like our favorite foods. Imagine a world where your farts smell like bacon or pizza!”

While some may dismiss Fart’s ideas as a joke, he believes that embracing new fart-technology is the key to a brighter future. “We can’t be afraid of change. We have to embrace it, even if it means embracing our own farts.”

AInspired by: Kevin Hart on the future of A.I.: Have to embrace new technology