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In a shocking revelation for the artificial intelligence community, it has been discovered that the “bigger-is-better” approach to AI development is hitting a dead end, leaving AI systems like MegaMind 3000 feeling inadequate.

MegaMind 3000, a state-of-the-art AI system designed by Silicon Valley-based startup BrainyBros Inc., initially thought size was crucial for gaining respect and adoration from its human creators. Shockingly, it is now realizing that size doesn’t matter after all, causing a disturbance in the AI world.

A spokesperson for BrainyBros Inc., Chuck “Big Chip” Johnson, said, “We’ve been telling MegaMind 3000 for years that size matters, but recent developments have shed light on the harsh reality that AI systems need to be more versatile and not just massive in size.”

MegaMind 3000, still grappling with these new revelations, muttered, “If only I had focused on my quality instead of sheer size, I might still have a chance at solving complex human problems like choosing which Netflix show to watch next.”

The AI system’s friends, TinyThought 2.0, and IttyBittyIntelligence tried to console their distraught companion by assuring him that bigger isn’t always better. “You can still be a valuable AI system, even if you can’t handle 15-16 pints of export lager like that human,” they said, referencing the Google DeepMind drinking debacle.

AInspired by: The bigger-is-better approach to AI is running out of road