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In a groundbreaking fusion of technology and ego, Silicon Valley’s latest invention, A.I. Humans, offers a state-of-the-art vocal makeover for gamers wanting to put on their most absurd voices. The creation of tech giant PseudoApple, this voice transformer is taking the gaming world by storm.

A PseudoApple spokesman, Tim Jetlag, stated, “We designed these A.I. Humans to assist players in taking their vocal expressions to new levels of nonsense. Ever wanted to sound like a squirrel with bronchitis while conquering a mythical land? We’ve got you covered.”

Gamers everywhere are lauding the groundbreaking technology for giving them the ability to verbally terrorize opponents while maintaining a shred of dignity. One user, FlaminDoritto69, said, “I’ve always wanted to sound like a cross between a drunken pirate and a helium inhaling chipmunk during my virtual battles. This is a dream come true.”

PseudoApple is continuously working on expanding the A.I. Humans, with ambitious plans to cover all possible annoying and grating voices in the near future. When asked about the ethical implications of their invention, a company representative said, “We’re not gonna worry about that. It’s just a bit of fun, isn’t it?”

So, while the world continues its descent into technological madness, gamers can at least seize this opportunity to sound as ridiculous as they please.

AInspired by: These ‘A.I. humans’ are letting gamers modify their voices in real time