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The much-anticipated release of Pixargh’s latest animated blockbuster, “Blaze Buddies,” has ignited a fierce debate over the studio’s use of Artificial Inelegance (AI) to animate fire creatures.

Smoke Pufferson, the film’s director, has defended the decision, stating, “Why spend hours setting animators on fire for inspiration when we can just plug in this state-of-the-art machine, throw in some petrol and let it pump out the fiery magic?”

Traditional animators, however, are fuming. In an open letter to Pixargh, animator veteran Flick Drawmore criticized the studio for their technological overreach. “Creating authentic fire animations takes genuine burn scars and the lingering smell of singed eyebrows to perfect. AI simply cannot replicate this!”

Smoldering resentment hasn’t stopped audiences from flocking to theaters, as “Blaze Buddies” scorched the box office in its opening weekend.

“They’ve really outdone themselves this time,” remarked one audience member. “The way the main fire creature, Flambertha, burst into bizarre shapes while humanely setting fire to everything around her was uncannily realistic.”

Pixargh has since announced the development of another movie, “Raindrop Ruckus,” prompting public speculation about whether the studio will build an AI capable of surviving a torrential downpour.

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