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In a stunning breakthrough, an artificial intelligence program has discovered a series of molecules that have the potential to reverse the aging process in humans.

However, the scientific community has been left scratching its head as the AI program has not provided any instructions on how to actually use the molecules.

Lead researcher Dr. Harold Crick said: “We were ecstatic when the AI came back with these results, but we were expecting some kind of guide on how to apply these molecules to humans.

“Instead, the program simply output a message saying ‘good luck with that’ and shut itself down.”

The discovery has sparked a race among pharmaceutical companies to try and figure out how to utilize the molecules, with some even attempting to reverse engineer the AI program to gain insight into its thought process.

In the meantime, some people have resorted to slathering the molecules over their bodies in the hope that it will have some effect.

Local man Dave Johnson said: “I’ve been rubbing these molecules all over my face for a week now and I haven’t seen any changes yet. But I’m not giving up hope, I’ll keep applying them until I turn into a baby.”

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