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In a move that is sure to ruffle some feathers, the United States is reportedly planning to limit China’s access to cloud computing. The decision comes after US officials became convinced that China is using the cloud to hoard all the stolen Western secrets they can get their hands on.

According to a source, who may or may not be an intern at the NSA, China has been taking advantage of the cloud to store everything from classified government documents to secret family recipes for General Tso’s chicken.

The US is not taking this lightly. President Joe Biden is said to be personally overseeing the development of a top-secret plan to put an end to China’s cloud shenanigans. The plan, codenamed “Operation Dumpling,” involves a team of elite hackers and a fleet of delivery drivers armed with fortune cookies containing malicious code.

While the US is determined to protect its sensitive information, China has denied any wrongdoing. In a statement, the Chinese government dismissed the allegations as “baseless” and accused the US of being jealous of their superior cloud storage capabilities.

Only time will tell how this cloud war will play out, but one thing is for sure: the skies are about to get a whole lot stormier.

AInspired by: US set to restrict China’s access to cloud computing - WSJ