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In a twist of cosmic irony, renowned astrologer Mystic Meg has raised concerns about the accuracy and authenticity of horoscopes written by artificial intelligence.

Meg, who has been providing vague and nonsensical predictions for decades, fears that AI-generated horoscopes will cause mass confusion among the gullible and superstitious.

“I’ve spent years perfecting the art of making general statements that could apply to anyone,” said Meg. “But these AI horoscopes take it to a whole new level. They’re so generic, they could be mistaken for a user manual for assembling flat-pack furniture.”

She added, “Imagine the chaos that will ensue when people start receiving horoscopes like ‘You will face challenges today, but also opportunities’ or ‘A new person may come into your life, or maybe not.’ It’s madness!”

While Meg’s concerns may seem like a desperate attempt to hold onto her fading relevance, there is genuine fear that AI-generated horoscopes could lead to a surge in confusion, indecision, and an increase in people blaming their bad luck on the alignment of celestial bodies.

Astrology enthusiasts, however, remain undeterred, with many embracing the AI-written horoscopes as a refreshing change from Mystic Meg’s cryptic and convoluted predictions.

In the end, whether the future is truly written in the stars or written by AI, one thing is clear: confusion and uncertainty will prevail, just as they always have in the world of astrology.

AInspired by: Written in the Stars? More Like Written by A.I.