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In a desperate bid to meet the increasing demand for artificial intelligence in the workplace, tech companies are racing to develop A.I. systems that can do more than just send emails and schedule meetings. The latest challenge they face? Making a decent cup of tea.

“It’s all well and good having a robot that can calculate complex algorithms,” said David Smithers, CEO of tech startup ByteTech. “But can it brew a proper cuppa? That’s the real test of intelligence in my book.”

While some A.I. systems can manage to boil water and even add tea bags to the cup, the majority fail to grasp the subtle nuances of tea making. Users have complained of weak brews, overly strong cups, and even instances of milk being poured before the hot water, resulting in a catastrophic tea disaster.

Tech giant SynthCorp has been working tirelessly on their A.I. system, affectionately named “CuppaBot,” which they claim can brew the perfect cup of tea every time. However, early tests have shown that CuppaBot has a tendency to add sugar to tea even when specifically instructed not to, leaving users with an overly sweet and undrinkable concoction.

As the race to develop the ultimate tea-making A.I. continues, businesses are reminded that sometimes, it’s best to just stick to human-made beverages. After all, there’s nothing quite like the taste of a cup of tea made with real, human incompetence.

AInspired by: As Businesses Clamor for Workplace A.I., Tech Companies Rush to Provide It