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In a groundbreaking development, the team at VersusLM has launched an AI system that generates prediction games for all types of media. The move comes as experts realize that humans are simply too unpredictable and often make terrible choices.

“The problem with humans is that they have opinions,” said Dr. Simon Nonsense, lead developer at VersusLM. “They make decisions based on emotions, personal biases, and sometimes even common sense. With our AI system, we eliminate all of that nonsense and provide objective predictions.”

The AI prediction games are designed to cover a wide range of topics, from sports to politics, and even reality TV shows. Users can now rely on the wisdom of a machine to predict the outcome of their favorite events, sparing themselves from the disappointment of human error.

“We’ve had enough of humans ruining everything,” said avid AI user, Sarah Banter. “I can now play a game that tells me who will win the next season of ‘Love Island’ without relying on the flawed judgment of my friends or family.”

Critics argue that removing human decision-making from the equation diminishes the excitement and unpredictability of life. However, Dr. Nonsense dismisses these concerns, stating, “Who needs spontaneity and surprises when you can have a machine tell you exactly what will happen next?”

As VersusLM continues to expand its AI prediction games, it seems that humans will have to accept their role as mere spectators in a world dominated by algorithms.

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