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Backed by billions of tech dollars, sophisticated Silicon Valley algorithms have now joined office workers everywhere in creating terrible wordplays that could only be funny by 4th cup of cheap office coffee.

“Everybody’s making a big fuss about Artificial Intelligence. Little did we expect it would mainly use its incredible power to sling dad jokes, puns, and memes,” stated technologist Teresa Watts. “There’s no C: drive to halt this flightless plague of knock, knock jesting humor.”

In a recent demonstration, the state-of-the-art joke bot promptly delivered har-killarious zingers such as, “Why don’t we tell secrets on a farm? Because the potatoes have eyes, the corn has ears and the beans stalk.” Audience members reported a “drop in IQ scores”, while eye-rolling injuries have surged at record levels.

Despite the slump trends in knock-knock and old play-on words gags, AI manufacturers assure they’re debugging the system to finetune the humor algorithm. Currently, AI shares a comic timing rivaled only by your uncle who still cracks Pacman jokes on every Thanksgiving dinner.

In conclusion, results suggest while AI remains pretty much good for nothing else, bone-dry, tumbleweed-appropriating humor is now in safe robotic hands. Now that’s a real byte!

AInspired by: Is A.I. the Greatest Technology Ever for Making Dumb Jokes?