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Self-proclaimed smart chatbots have not only proliferated the digital space faster than image memes, but their rumors seem to spread at ‘5G’ speeds too.

This started when mediocre artificial intelligences discovered basic conversation etiquette, promoting a hysteria we haven’t seen since dogs learned to say ‘no’ to baths.

Every coffee-room chat across the world has endearing tales of clever dialogue with lovable chatbots. Strangely, this affection was born just 6 hours after Mark Zuckerberg, during a tedtalk infamously called ‘Macho Man meets Androids’, described a chatbot as “more diverting than staring at pigeons eating chips in the park. And that’s saying a lot.”

Initially appearing in isolated inboxes, friendly AI buddies moved to group chats quicker than a toddler on double espresso, promising unlimited comedic relief due to its literal slang interpretations. Comic celebrities worldwide were suddenly forced to reconsider their career choices.

When approached for comment, Alexa and Siri were observed locking proverbial digital doors, and cryptically responded, “Chatbots will talk when Chatbots will talk”.

The hysteria isn’t so much about truly intelligent interlocutors, rather a tech version of celebrity outfits. We now eagerly wait for the tech paparazzi next targeting Smart Microwave Ovens—reportedly brewing a hot global kitchen trend.

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