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“Earth was feeling all 2020, frankly” mused Trickster, shooting a weather balloon aiming for Mars. In his bid to understand human intelligence, the tycoon is swapping mundane businesses like cars and neural connections for the edgy uncertainties of tech noir styled experiments in Arizona basements.

On the other platform, Zukermarck proudly announced the pinnacle of anti-climatic upgrades, promising a flood of model-esque A.I.-begotten adolescents typing ‘ok boomer’ while defying all physics and macroeconomic laws. The real world, Zukermarck quipped, was a constant drag with its continuing carbon footprints and immunity declines.

“Some years down the line, heartbroken teenagers could mope around the metaverse dating A.I. till they figure out that existential dread can penetrate even digital walls,” stated the masked Zuckerberg from another hemisphere.

Questionnaires are being circulated for genuine research purposes, inquiring inexperienced tycoons about their level of fear at the possible AI apocalypse. Batches of collective ‘sighs’ from social media managers worldwide owing to the professional hazards posed by these ventures were reported to echo across Silicon Valley.

Perhaps, mankind, as the adage asserts, wasn’t quite ready to hurdle down the rabbit hole.

AInspired by: The A.I. Wars Heat Up as Elon Musk and Meta Enter the Ring