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Mustafa Suleyman, notorious billionaire, and AI enthusiast, has developed a stringent verification experiment that would confirm the true intelligence of AI: whether it can make a millionaire tycoon an even wealthier tycoon.

Suleyman proudly debates, “This ultimate test for synthetic consciousness simply requires these machines to do what I postulate all humans strive to do, amass gargantuan piles of wealth for me.”

“Earning a million dollars is equivalent to finding a penny for the world’s elite. But if an AI can’t make ME richer,” he huffed, “what good is it really?”

Critics question if this new standard overlooks essential capacities, such as empathy and abstract reasoning, which some argue need to be present to signify genuine ‘intelligence’.

However, Suleyman maintains his criterion is far more progressive. “If we already have humans exceptional in empathy and intellectual prowess, let’s have our AIs focus on becoming limitless ATMs,” Suleyman suggests while sipping on glittery champagne worth the gross domestic product of a small island nation.

“Human beings, the world over, are dedicating their lives to toiling in hopes of a stable future. Any AI smart enough should duplicate such a noble endeavor. However, the results will no doubt be directly deposited in my bank account,” he added flippantly. Despite criticism, Suleyman believes his new Turing test is a flawless assessment tool, providing tangible proof A.I has a prosperous future, at least for him.

AInspired by: Mustafa Suleyman: My new Turing test would see if AI can make $1 million