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The study, which surveyed a staggering 100 people on LinkedIn, concluded that although 98% of respondents had no idea what a “Head of AI” does, they still considered it to be ‘pretty cool’ and ‘definitely something to brag about at dinner parties’.

Dr. George Fletcher, author of the report, said: “Frankly, we were shocked. We thought ‘Blockchain Evangelist’ or ‘Chief Visionary Officer’ would pip it, but no. ‘Head of AI’ is apparently the dream. Even if most people think it involves wearing a robotic headpiece or auditing artificial eyelashes.”

When a “Head of AI” at a major tech company was asked about the role, he said, “Well, you know… it’s sort of like being the boss of the robots. I mean, I don’t actually do anything, but it sounds super futuristic, right?”

The study has sparked a rash of job title changes on LinkedIn, with a notable increase in “Heads of AI”, “Masters of Machine Learning”, and the somewhat ambitious “Overlords of Skynet”. Meanwhile, the role of ‘Data Entry Specialist’ remains stubbornly unfilled.

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