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In a bold move that threatens to put angst-ridden, caffeine-addicted journalists out of work, Google has developed an A.I. tool capable of writing news articles. While it promises to deliver unbiased, fact-checked news, insiders reveal it’s struggling to comprehend the human fascination with avocado toast.

Dubbed ‘Google Scribe’, the software has reportedly mastered the art of writing bland, vanilla news articles. However, it’s been reported that when asked to write a piece on the inexplicably popular breakfast dish, the A.I. tool descended into a digital meltdown.

“Despite data-feeding Scribe with information about the creamy, green fruit and its inexplicable pairing with breakfast bread, the tool repeatedly wrote articles questioning humanity’s sanity,” shared a Google spokesperson.

“Instead of writing a piece on ‘5 Best Avocado Toast Spots’, it drafted a 1,500-word essay on ‘The Human Capacity for Illogical Obsessions’. We had to reboot it several times.”

Despite its limitations, Google is still hopeful about Scribe’s potential. “We’re working on the avocado toast issue, and we’re optimistic that in time, Scribe will understand the nuances of human preferences in all their illogical glory.”

The human journalists, on the other hand, are reportedly thrilled at the prospect of being replaced by a machine that can’t grasp the concept of avocado toast. One reporter was overheard saying, “At least it won’t steal our lunch from the fridge.”

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