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In an attempt to unravel the mysteries of medical diagnostics, tech giant Webbinator has debuted their most innovative creation yet, Dr. Chatbot. However, the outcome has been less ‘House M.D.’ and more ‘House of Horrors’ as users report a series of hilarious misdiagnoses.

Negating years of medical training and human intuition, Dr. Chatbot relies strictly on algorithms to solve medical enigmas. The first patient, 30-year-old Mike Johnson, complained of chest pain. Dr. Chatbot’s prognosis? ‘Tripple-Chocolate Fudgeitis’. The treatment? Immediate consumption of salad and a strict exercise regimen with zero access to fudge.

“I don’t even like chocolate, let alone fudge!” exclaimed a bewildered Johnson. “And it can’t even spell ‘triple’ right!”

Despite the debacle, Webbinator remains confident in their creation. “Sure, there will be a few hiccups along the way,” said a spokesperson. “But just as autocorrect has revolutionized writing by turning every ‘hello’ into ‘jello’, we believe Dr. Chatbot will revolutionize healthcare.”

Meanwhile, doctors worldwide are breathing a sigh of relief. “If a Chatbot becomes more capable of diagnosing patients than we are,” said one physician, “I’m going to start questioning my decade-long medical education. For now, though, I’ll stick to laughing at the ‘fudgeitis’ case.”

Webbinator has confirmed that they are working on an update, tentatively titled Dr. Chatbot 2.0: Revenge of the Spell-Check. In the meantime, remember: if you’re experiencing chest pain, it might just be an excess of chocolate fudge.

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