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The White House claims it’s fully committed to harnessing AI, however when asked, the President could only describe AI as “probably something to do with those tiny robots I see on the sci-fi channel, right?”

The President’s commitment involves a vague promise to “totally get into” AI, which seems less reassuring and more akin to a teenager saying they’re “totally getting into” studying for their exams while Fortnite loads up in the background.

Despite the White House’s insistence that they’re “absolutely on it,” AI experts are less than impressed. One anonymous industry insider commented, “It’s like watching your granddad trying to understand TikTok. It’s cringe-worthy.”

Meanwhile, the White House’s Director of Cyber Stuff, a position invented just last week, has been spotted leafing through “AI for Dummies” and “Robots: Are They Going to Kill Us All?” - handbooks that we can only hope aren’t forming the basis of national policy.

However, when asked for clarification, the President said, “Look, we’ve got a Roomba, what more do you people want?”

AInspired by: How Do the White House’s A.I. Commitments Stack Up?