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In a groundbreaking development from the world of Artificial Intelligence, tech giant Synapse Corp has released the latest version of its much-anticipated personal assistant AI, dubbed “ConfuzledBot”. The company promises this AI will redefine the user experience by offering just one response: “Sorry, I didn’t catch that.”

Jasper Jones, Synapse’s lead AI developer, explains: “Honestly, we found that our AI would often give incorrect or nonsensical responses. So, we thought, why not streamline the process? Now, no matter the query, ConfuzledBot maintains a consistent, albeit apologetic, ignorance.”

Beta testers have reported an oddly comforting predictability in their interactions. “I asked it for the weather forecast, and it said ‘Sorry, I didn’t catch that’,” shares early user Betty Whitefield. “Then I screamed ‘What’s the bloody weather like?’, and it replied in the same calm, oblivious tone. It’s just like talking to my husband.”

Synapse Corp publicly announced: “We’re excited about this release. The bar for AI responses was just too high. Now, we’ve successfully lowered expectations. Every response ConfuzledBot generates will be a delightful surprise if it gets anything right.”

The company’s tech support team is reportedly relieved since the only solution they now have to provide users is to speak louder and clearer.

AInspired by: The biggest AI release since ChatGPT