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In a surprising turn of events, Silicon Valley whizz kid and entrepreneur Sam Altman woke up yesterday morning, looked at his latest creation, and realized he had absolutely no idea what he’d been working on. Altman, known for his role as the former president of startup incubator Y Combinator, is notorious for having ideas more complex than a Christopher Nolan movie plot.

“I remember it involving AI, blockchain, and something about vegan cheese, but beyond that, I’m drawing a blank,” Altman confessed.

Friends and colleagues claim Altman’s confusion is far from unusual. “I think he once tried to create a cryptocurrency exclusively used by cats,” said a former colleague, who wished to remain anonymous. “Didn’t really pan out, obviously.”

Investors remained surprisingly unfazed by the situation, stating that they had “gotten used to it” and that they “stopped trying to understand Sam’s projects after the third or fourth mind-boggling explanation.”

Altman remains optimistic and is confident he’ll remember what he was doing eventually. “It’s like when you forget why you walked into a room,” he said. “It’ll come back to me. Probably.”

In the meantime, he’s put a sign on his latest project that says “Do NOT touch. Seriously, I have no idea what this does.”

AInspired by: Does Sam Altman Know What He’s Creating?