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In a leap towards embracing the future and subsequently regretting it, researchers are exploring the overtly optimistic idea of how artificial intelligence could thrust into the political arena. Here are the six potential ways AI could infuse politics with its cold, emotionless logic:

  1. AI Politicians: Making the job of politicians easier – they won’t even have to lie anymore. The AI system will simply tweak its algorithms to fabricate the most appealing version of the truth.

  2. Campaign Bots: AI will tirelessly canvas for votes on social media, ensuring that the most politically charged, manipulative, and lovable cat gifs get reposted on every single relevant platform.

  3. Policy Prediction: AI will predict the consequences of proposed policies. It will also predict swiftly ignored warnings about impending global catastrophes.

  4. Political Fact-checking: AI will fact-check speeches in real-time, making it easier for politicians to spot when they accidentally tell the truth.

  5. Gerrymandering: AI could help draw unbiased political districts. Or, more likely, it will be used to supercharge gerrymandering, creating districts so narrow they could fit through a mailbox.

  6. Negotiations: AI could negotiate complex issues. Alternatively, it could learn from us and decide to throw a series of tantrums instead.

So, brace yourselves as we prepare to hand over the reins of our democracy to our infallible AI overlords, and wait for the inevitable self-aware political bot scandal.

AInspired by: Six ways that AI could change politics