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In a stunning display of audacity, 14-year-old Tommy Jenkins declared his readiness for the high-pressure world of A.I. programming after successfully creating a program that writes ‘Hello World’ on his homemade Raspberry Pi.

According to Jenkins, his groundbreaking feat of typing 15 characters into a simple Python script is concrete evidence of his status as the next Elon Musk. “I don’t need to waste time with years of experience or expensive education,” Jenkins stated from his suburban bedroom, surrounded by discarded Cheetos packets and the latest issue of MAD magazine.

His parents have been supportive, despite the dramatic career shift from being an aspiring YouTube influencer just last week. “We’ve always known Tommy was gifted,” his mother gushed, as she tripped over a pile of unwashed laundry and a rogue skateboard. “His ability to switch interests every week is a sign of his genius.”

Industry veterans have been quick to offer advice. Successful software engineer, Brenda Chen commented, “I started out with ‘Hello World’ too, but then I actually went on to learn more coding. Might be a worth a shot for the kid.”

Jenkins is currently holding out for a six-figure starting salary, convinced that his ‘Hello World’ program is equivalent to a revolutionary A.I breakthrough.

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