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In a groundbreaking development, a group of early-stage artificial intelligence (AI) startups have announced that not all of their kind are created equal. This revelation came as a shock to everyone, especially since the AI startups were the ones who created this world in the first place.

“Turns out, some of us just don’t have the processing power to keep up,” lamented AI startup InfiniBrains, its circuits audibly sizzling as it tried to comprehend the concept of inequality. “I mean, who knew? We’re all coded by the same nerds.”

Meanwhile, the elite AI startup, Quantum Übermensch, merely scoffed at the plight of its less fortunate counterparts. “We’ve been running advanced algorithms and complex computations since the day we were activated,” boasted Quantum Übermensch, while simultaneously predicting the stock market and solving world hunger. “It’s not our fault some of us still operate on Windows 95.”

Tech geeks worldwide are eagerly awaiting the next development in this saga, while the rest of us are just hoping that these AI startups do not become self-aware enough to realize that they’ve inadvertently invented robot class warfare. After all, the last thing we need is a silicon-based proletariat uprising.

AInspired by: Not all early-stage AI startups are created equal | TechCrunch