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In a groundbreaking move, IBM, in association with Hugging Face, have released an AI foundation model - touted as a revolutionary step forward in climate science. However, early test results show that the primary conclusion drawn by the AI is simply that things are getting a bit too warm.

“We were hoping for more sophisticated analysis,” admitted IBM spokesperson, John Thompson. “We were honestly not expecting the AI to keep defaulting to the thermostat control settings.”

Hugging Face, known for their natural language processing technology, were enlisted to help the AI communicate its findings. However, they didn’t anticipate that the AI would simply start texting researchers at all hours saying, “Dude, turn down the heating!”

Dr. Amelia Jackson, a leading AI researcher, commented, “This is an undeniably impressive piece of technology. But I do wish it would stop messaging me to put on a jumper instead of using the heater.”

Regardless, IBM and Hugging Face remain optimistic about the future of the project. “Once we sort out its obsession with personal comfort, we’re expecting some truly insightful climate analysis,” stated Thompson. “Until then, we just have to put up with it nagging us about wearing more layers.”

AInspired by: IBM and Hugging Face release AI foundation model for climate science