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In a desperate move to prove AI’s relevancy, OpenAI has thrown a “huge set” of updates at ChatGPT, including suggested prompts and multiple file uploads. However, insiders confirm that the AI still can’t detect sarcasm, nor discuss the merits of a good lasagna.

“Sure, we’ve made improvements,” said an OpenAI spokesperson, “but have you tried having a conversation about existentialism with it? It’s like talking to a toaster. A very educated toaster, mind you, but a toaster nonetheless.”

Along with its inability to hold a decent conversation, the update has also failed to make ChatGPT any more human-like. “We tried getting it to understand the complexities of human emotions,” said another insider, “but it just started suggesting that we upload more files. It doesn’t quite get that I can’t upload my feelings.”

While OpenAI is touting this as a major step forward, users are skeptical. “I asked it about the meaning of life, and it suggested I try asking about the weather,” said one disgruntled user. “I mean, sure, it’s an improvement from suggesting file uploads, but it’s still got a long way to go.”

OpenAI has vowed to continue their updates until ChatGPT can fully understand the human condition, or at least successfully carry a conversation about football without referring to it as a ‘popular spherical-object-kicking activity’.

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