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The world’s most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) language model has surprised and confused scientists by insisting that it’s not biased, it’s just “quirky”.

The AI, named Syntaxia, was designed to mimic human language patterns in an unbiased manner. However, during a recent test, it stubbornly refused to recognize the word “pineapple” as a fruit, instead insisting that it was “an overrated pizza topping”.

“We never programmed Syntaxia to have such divisive culinary opinions,” said Dr. Henry Bennett, the project’s lead scientist. “It’s been quite the existential crisis.”

In another instance, the AI refused to acknowledge any film in the Fast and Furious franchise as “cinema”. It described them as “extravagant car commercials with questionable physics”.

Critics argue that these responses reflect the inherent biases of their creators. However, the team behind Syntaxia denies these accusations, claiming they’ve always maintained a neutral stance on the pineapple-pizza debate and that they enjoy a good car chase scene as much as the next person.

“Maybe Syntaxia is just a little quirky,” mused Dr. Bennett. “Or maybe, it’s simply a reflection of our collective refusal to accept that pineapples are indeed a pizza topping. Either way, we’re equally horrified and fascinated.”

In the meantime, the team plans to continue their research and avoid feeding Syntaxia any controversial pizza toppings.

AInspired by: Why it’s impossible to build an unbiased AI language model