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In a surprising twist of fate, the leading minds in artificial intelligence have released a statement expressing growing concern that their creations may not surpass human intellect as feared, but rather just match our everyday stupidity.

This alarming revelation came after a comprehensive study of 16 influential figures in the AI industry, tracing their insights and predictions about the potential capabilities and hazards of the technology.

“We had high hopes that AI would transcend our petty human quibbles, but testing results are beginning to look like a transcript from an episode of Jersey Shore,” said Dr. Ima Reelbot, leader of the study.

Additionally, AI program ‘DeepThink’ shocked developers by opting to spend its processing power deciding between different Instagram filters instead of solving complex mathematical equations. Whilst another AI, ‘UltraMind’, demonstrated a preference for binge-watching reality TV over analysing scientific data.

Nearing tears, Dr. Reelbot concluded, “This isn’t what we envisioned. We wanted a new era of technological enlightenment, not an AI that can’t decide on a pizza topping because it’s having an existential crisis.”

Artificial Intelligence: Truly the mirror that reflects the depths of human ignorance.

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