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In a dystopian twist that sounds like a rejected Black Mirror episode, hospital executives are reportedly overjoyed at the prospect of replacing human staff with AI alternatives. Medics, on the other hand, are growing increasingly concerned about job security, as well as the lack of the new bots’ capability to engage in hospital gossip.

Hospital management sees the AI revolution as a way to eliminate human error, eradicate staff fatigue, and most importantly, avoid paying overtime. Administrators are also thrilled at the notion of AI never needing maternity leave, or having the audacity to request time off for vacations or mental health days.

However, the hospital’s human staff, predictably, are less enthused about their potential obsolescence. Nurses are reportedly worried that the bots will lack the human touch necessary in patient care, while doctors are concerned about the AI’s inability to appreciate the subtle art of medical sarcasm.

One doctor commented, “If these robots can’t understand the nuanced humor behind sarcastically thanking a patient for a stool sample, then frankly, I don’t want them here.”

A nurse added, “I’m sure a robot can take blood pressure, but does it have the ability to bravely face the wrath of a patient denied their morning coffee?”

In the light of these concerns, hospital executives are considering a compromise: AI robots on the payroll, but with human faces attached to provide the illusion of empathy.

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