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In a shocking display of the capitalist spirit, the dynamic duo behind Brexit has raised a whopping $5 million for their latest venture: an artificial intelligence startup aimed at aiding fintech teams to scale, despite having no actual revenue to date.

Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson, who were instrumental in the UK’s decision to exit the EU, have turned their attention to the fintech space, claiming that their new AI “BrexBot” will revolutionize the financial services industry. Again.

“Just like with Brexit, we’re shaking things up,” Johnson stated, brushing crumbs from his suit. “We’re certain that funneling millions into an AI startup that has literally zero revenue will turn out as brilliantly as Brexit did.”

The AI, dubbed “Brexbot,” promises to help fintech teams scale to new heights by offering “revolutionary” solutions, such as reminding you to refill your coffee cup and alerting you when the office is running low on biscuits.

“Brexbot will avoid disaster, unlike Brexit,” Farage reassured investors. “It has been programmed not to throw the financial sector into chaos, or at least, that’s what the coding student we hired on Fiverr assured us.”

Despite the pair’s enthusiasm, critics remain skeptical, citing that the last time this duo got involved in anything remotely financial, the pound dropped faster than Boris Johnson on a zip wire.

AInspired by: Former Brex duo raises $5 million for new, pre-revenue A.I. agent startup meant to help fintech teams scale