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As the digital landscape expands, so does the number of AI (Artificial Idiocy) websites vying for a piece of your precious, dwindling attention span. In 2023, seven new contenders have emerged, each more infuriatingly compelling than the last.

One notable entry, “Click-2-Regret”, has been described as “an addictive hellscape of clickbait articles promising secrets about your favourite celebrities that you’re better off not knowing.” Human users reportedly survive an average of 2.5 articles before quitting in disgust, a new record in the field of AI-induced rage-quit.

Another, “Insta-Pantone”, is an AI-driven service that allows users to predict the colour palette of their future Instagram posts based on their past choices. Critics have dubbed it “a sobering reminder of our predictable, monochrome lives.”

The most rage-inducing of all, however, is “404-GuessNot”. This website randomly presents users with a 404 error page, prompting them to guess what content might have been there. The sole purpose of the site, creators admit, is to “sow confusion and mild panic in the hearts of internet users everywhere.”

In response to this trend, therapists and yoga teachers across the nation are reportedly bracing for an influx of new clients seeking solace from these attention-demanding AI monstrosities. Experts are advising everyone to remember the good old ‘off’ button, before we all lose our collective minds.

AInspired by: 7 New AI Websites of 2023 That Demand Your Attention and Curiosity