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Tech magnate and renowned beard enthusiast, Paul Graham, recently declared that artificial intelligence (AI) is ‘the exact opposite of a solution in search of a problem.’ This, from the same man who once claimed the toaster was an egregious affront to the art of open-flame bread charring.

At a high-tech summit held in the basement of a vegan, gluten-free, artisanal bakery, Graham expounded his theory to a captive audience of MacBook-toting, cold brew-sipping, flannel-wearing hipsters. “AI is like a Sudoku puzzle that’s solved itself,” said Graham, “It’s definitely impressive, but ultimately it’s just a pointless, self-indulgent exercise.”

He continued, comparing AI to the unicycle of a hipster. “Sure, it’s a quirky, novel way to get from your urban farming collective to your underground poetry slam, but deep down we all know walking or a good old bike would do the job far better,” he said, as a collective gasp echoed around the room, palpable horror chilling the air as attendees imagined life without their single-wheeled steeds.

Graham’s comments are expected to resonate little with the AI community, who are too busy teaching machines how to taste artisanal cheese, pick out the perfect ethically sourced coffee bean, and ride a unicycle.

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